For all our commercial clients there is a weekly billing system in place.  This can also be extended to our private account holders as long as they offer repeated business.

Yes. We have a secure online payment system for your convenience.

Our staff are trained to run errands if needed. We can help with picking up your groceries, laundry, prescriptions, etc, as long as we have your credit card on file and you have an approved account.

We have partnered with carriers that have capacity to haul big loads.  Simply call us and we will link you up with them.

We typically limit the weight to 500 pounds.  However, in some situations we will pick up bigger packages with appropriate and applicable surcharges

We guarantee same day delivery for up to 300 miles for any shipments picked up by 12 noon, business or residential deliveries.

In the event of theft or loss due to an accident or other causes, shipments are covered by our cargo insurance up to the value declared by the shipper.

Any packages that are not delivered by 6pm for businesses, and by 8pm for residential deliveries will be delivered free of charge, the only exception being bad weather causes.

Yes. All our packages are action guaranteed to deliver on the same day, or they are delivered free of charge.

Our pricing is very competitive.  Our model allows us to deliver more shipments for less, and to do so within a short space of time as most of our distances are usually short.

The majority of companies in the delivery business offer what is commonly referred to as an overnight service. Once your shipment is picked up it goes to a warehouse where it is sorted before it is then delivered to its final destination. Simply put, we pick up and deliver on the same day.